Watch: Speeding Train Meets Semi-Truck on Railroad Tracks

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You’ve seen the scene in hundreds of movies before: the slow-moving tractor-trailer tries desperately to cross the train tracks before it gets run over by the oncoming locomotive. Usually, it manages to make it — but when it doesn’t, the results can be explosive.

In Henry County, Georgia, it wasn’t a movie. According to WXIA-TV, a tractor-trailer was struck by an oncoming train at a railroad crossing on Thursday morning in a scene that was right out of Hollywood.

The tractor-trailer, which was carrying soft peppermints, had stalled on the tracks at Highway 42 and Bowden St. in the town of Locust Grove around 11 a.m. as it tried to cross. Realizing he couldn’t get the truck across, the driver jumped out of the cab and took off.

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Then, this happened:

Yikes. Amazingly, nobody was injured.

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According to the Henry Herald, trucks stalling isn’t an infrequent occurrence at the railroad crossing, although it seldom ends the way that this did. The paper said that there wasn’t much ground clearance at the tight crossing, which led to semitrailers and other such vehicles stalling out due to the fact that the approach is steep and there’s also a raised grade.

That’s why there’s signage on both sides of the tracks — signage the driver apparently ignored.

“There’s no way they can fit over it, but they try it all the time,” said Officer B. Fornal. “We’ll cite them, and we’ve got to get the wrecker service out here.”

The driver, who works for Illinois-based Yopo Transport, was cited for his failure to obey traffic signals.

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After some considerable cleanup, both the road and the train line were up and running at about 3 p.m., although one assumes a minty smell hung around in the air for quite some time afterward.

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