The Trump administration has announced sanctions against eight North Korean banks and 26 individuals, who the US says act as the banks’ representatives in various countries, including China, Russia, Libya and the United Arab Emirates. Read Full Article at
Formula 1 team Toro Rosso has replaced Russian driver Daniil Kvyat with young Frenchman Pierre Gasly “for the next Grands Prix,” the team has announced. Read Full Article at
A woman whose boyfriend killed a snake that bit her twice at a restaurant in Virginia received a free meal for her family as a “thank you” for her efforts toward helping the establishment not fail its next safety check and, you know, not accidentally kill someone. The strange incident occurred Sept. 12, when Massaponax resident Rachel… The post Couple Kills Snake Seconds into Restaurant, Manager Serves Up a Special Meal appeared first on Conservative Tribune.
NEW YORK - (AP) -- Four assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, the University of Southern California and Oklahoma State were among those arrested on federal corruption charges Tuesday after they were caught taking thousands of dollars in bribes to steer NBA-destined college stars toward certain sports agents and financial advisers, authorities said.
“We are disappointed in certain so-called Republicans,” Trump said to reporters at the White House today.
An image of the iconic Star Wars character, Yoda, which made it inside a textbook in Saudi Arabia, has led to the dismissal of a senior education official and the supervisors who approved the material. Read Full Article at
Regarding Facebook’s clear-cut biases, some believe the blame for them lie more-so with the social network’s technology versus its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. “(T)he algorithms (used by social media tools such as Facebook) increasingly appear to have more power to shape lives than the people who designed and maintain them,” wrote Charlie Warzel in a recent piece… The post Been Missing News on Facebook? Here’s Who’s Responsible… and It’s Not Zuck appeared first on Conservative Tribune.
Restaurants across the US are refusing to show NFL games in response to the decision by some of the league’s players to sit or kneel during the national anthem. Read Full Article at
President Donald Trump has been hammered by the left for daring to suggest that some illegal immigrants aren’t the nicest people in the world — but yet another sad incident has just proven his point. According to, an illegal alien from Guatemala named Edgar Mendoza has been arrested for a shocking and sickening crime —… The post Cops: Illegal Alien Traumatizes Little Girl With Evil Act… Lib Media Dead Silent appeared first on Conservative Tribune.
Malik Obama, the half-brother of former President Barack Obama, posed a terrific question about Sen. John McCain early Tuesday morning, essentially questioning what exactly it is that makes the Arizona senator such a so-called “hero.” “If @SenJohnMcCain is such a hero why is he so silent when people disrespect the flag?” he wrote on Twitter.… The post Malik Obama Just Asked the 1 Question on McCain Nobody Else Has the Guts to Whisper appeared first on Conservative Tribune.