32 DIY Projects for Preppers

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32 DIY Projects for Preppers

If you’re the type of prepper who likes to spend time in the garage or outside building your own things, then you need to check out these articles from Skilled Survival. There are enough DIY projects here to keep you busy for a while.

The first article is about DIY survival gear and includes a fire starter, water filter, rocket stove, cordage, slingshot, fishing kit, knife, bow & arrow, spear, solar battery, and ranger bands. For each one, there is a video that walks you through it. Follow the link below to check them out.

DIY Survival Gear: 11 Projects Worth Building

After reading that article I had to search their site to see if they had any other DIY projects. Sure enough, I found one about homemade survival weapons such as pepper spray, bullwhips, throwing stars, tasers, and even flame throwers (believe it or not).

13 Homemade Survival Weapons: Prepare, Adapt, And Overcome

And finally, I found this article about DIY generators. It includes videos on bicycle generators, hydroelectric generators, hand crank generators, compost heat generators, and more.

8 Affordable DIY Generators The Utility Companies Absolutely Hate
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